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my estub payperless pay

Paperless Pay: Paperless Pay is an online payroll management software. With paperless-pay, companies can complete all the payments digitally rather than on paper. Also, the employees’ data are electronically stored on the portal to access it online on their device. The my-estub portal is the US-based one of the best paperless-pay portals. It provides quality and secure services. The employee can view all their information and manage them from one dashboard.

My-estub Paperless Pay – 

my estub payperless pay

My-estub is specially designed for the employees. There is an option of an employee portal where you can access your my estub employee portal account. Employees can view their payroll processing status, paychecks, pay hours, benefits programs, discounts, and other payment-related information digitally on the myestub website.

Using my estub employee portal, employees can also get the following information immediately anytime from their device:

  • Virtual timesheets
  • Pay stubs
  • W2 forms

Note: You also can access your previous paytubs data on the my-estub website. 

My-estub Paperless Pay Advantages

There are many advantages to my estub paperless Pay. Following are some of them:

  • Myestub reduces the companies’ workload to manage employee details and answer their payroll, paystubs related queries. It helps them to manage the employment life cycle completely.
  • It is also beneficial for employees. They can view their paystubs, paychecks, bonus, employee discounts, etc. on the my estub employee portal anytime.
  • Employees can also check their previous pay stubs summary and request to send a copy of it on their email address, which is registered with the my estub employee portal.
  • My-estub provides up to date and immediate information.
  • Employees can access this website anytime and anywhere.
  • You must have login credentials to login to your my-estub account provided by the companies to their employees after the joining or first direct deposit.
  • It is an easy and secure portal. As the username and password are required to log in to any employee’s account, that means my estub paperless pay corporation keeps your data safe and confidential.
  • As your data is electronically saved, so it is a very unlikely chance to lost and corrupted from the portal. And you can view your records anytime.
  • All information can be viewed from one dashboard.
  • If companies use payroll software (, they don’t need to hire an accountant to manage payroll.
  • It reduces costs associated with the paper, ink, toner, and related printing costs, which occur if we use paper to record the employees’ data. So, my-estub paperless-pay stores data digitally on their online portal.  

My-estub Paperless Pay Disadvantages

Following are the disadvantages of my estub employee portal:

  • My-estub software is cloud-based, so the users need to update it from time to time if any new payroll laws or Tax rates are imposed.
  • You should not save your login credentials on your device because it can be theft by hackers.
  • You should not use any other device to log in to your my-estub employee account. Because the autofill feature can save your details, if you use it, then don’t forget to remove it and clear history also.


More and more companies are moving towards the paperless pay system to increase their employees’ efficiency and accessibility. But the company must be careful while choosing the paperless pay software because there are many portals where your data can be leaked or sold to your competitors. My Estub is the best payroll management software. It keeps your records secure and convenient to access.   

My-Estub Support

my estub support

My-estub Support: My estub is a USA based employee payroll management system conducted by the paperless pay corporation. It is paperless-pay software designed to help the employee access their paystubs, paychecks, employee benefits programs, employee discounts, and more. My-estub support helps employees resolve their issues related to my-estub to access their accounts easily.

My-estub Employee Login Portal –

My-estub is online software that provides services to companies to manage their employment life cycle. It is specially designed for the employees to easily and anytime get immediately and up to date information about payroll status, paychecks, discounts, pay stubs, new announcements, etc.

It reduces the employee’s queries workload, and the employee’s employee gets information immediately. They can access their myestub account from anywhere and anytime. Your account will be removed when you retire, leave the company, or your employer fire you. Only correctly working employees can access it.

Myestub Support

Some employees don’t have basic computer and technical terms knowledge. So, they face troubles in accessing the my-estub employee portal. Although, my-estub has a user-friendly interface so that a non-techy person also accesses it and understand how it works. But many employees contact the support team for my estub login help.

We have covered all the most asked general questions by the employees to the myestub customer service team. So, you don’t need to contact them for minor issues or general queries. The following guide will help you to clear queries:

Many employees face issues in the login process, so first of all, we will tell you how to login to the my-estub employee portal. Following are the login process steps by steps guide:

  • Open your browser which you generally preferred to surf the internet (chrome, opera, safari, etc.)
  • Go to the official website of the my-estub – will see an option of “Employee portal” under the logo of the website.
  • Click on that option. Then, a login page will appear on your screen.
  • You need to enter your estub username and password, which you get from your company after the joining.
  • If you didn’t receive yet, you have to wait until the company’s first direct deposit because some companies provide login credentials after the first direct deposit.
  • If you do not get after that, you should contact your company’s helpdesk center or manager. They will create your my-estub employee portal account.
  • After receiving details, enter it on the myestub login page. Then, you will be able to access your my estub account.

You can now view your paystubs, paychecks, discounts offer, employee benefits/welfare programs, training, career opportunities, payroll processing status, and many more.

My-estub Contact Details

If you are still facing any login issue or have any questions/queries related to my estub employee portal. You can call my estub customer services team or paperless pay corporation, and they will help you resolve your issue and answer your queries. There are many ways to contact the my-estub customer support team. Following are the details and ways to get in touch with the my-estub team:

Phone Number: (800) 489-1711

Fax Number: 1-904-224-5001

Online Contact

Office Address: 800 Water Street, Jacksonville, FL 32204

Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 8:00 AM-8:00 PM EST


Note: Paperless pay corporation customer support center closed for some selected holidays. You can call on the above phone number to paperless pay corporation support team Monday to Friday anytime from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM for any issue or queries related to my estub.

Paperless Pay Corporation Physical Address Location Map

my-estub location map

FAQs – People Also Ask

How to get the login credentials of the My-estub employee portal?

You don’t need to sign up or get login details of my estub employee login portal. When you join the company, your company will provide you. If you didn’t get my-estub login credentials, then wait till the first direct deposit. Some companies create new employee’s accounts after the first direct deposit.

In case you didn’t receive after the first direct deposit, you should contact your HR manager or your company’s support team. Don’t forget to provide the email address. Because if your email address is linked with your myestub account, it will help you retrieve your my-estub employee portal login password.

What is the My estub helpdesk phone number?

My-estub employee portal helpdesk/customer care phone number is (800) 489-1711. You can call on this number to get in touch with the my-estub team if you have any issues accessing the my-estub login portal.

Can I contact the myestub customer support team anytime?

No, you can’t call the my-estub customer support team anytime. Because it doesn’t live available 24*7 hours. There are some specified hours, in which you can contact them. There are as following:

  • Monday-Friday: 8:00AM-8:00PM EST
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: Closed

Note: The customer support center keeps closed for some selected national holidays.

Final Words

We hope our article help you to resolve your issue. Still, you are facing any issue related to my-estub, let us know through comments. And feel free to contact my estub helpdesk team. They are always ready to help you. 😊

My-Estub Employee Portal

my-estub employee portal

My-estub is an employee payroll management system by the paperless pay corporation. It is designed to provide employees their paystubs, paycheck details, benefits program, discounts, offers and much more in one place. Employees can access their myestub account from anywhere and anytime. So, now you don’t have to visit the payroll department and request for your pay stubs summery or any other details like payroll processing status, bonus etc. You can get up to date information through my-estub employee portal.

How do I access my-estub employee portal?

my-estub login

To access your my estub login hca account, you will need your username and password, which you get from your company. If you are a new employee, you will receive myestub login credentials after getting the first direct deposit. The company gives you a default password, which you can change during set-up your my-estub account.

Following are the steps to my-estub employee portal login:

  • First of all, visit the my-estub portal by paperless pay corporation –
  • There will be a tab of the ‘Employee portal’ in the menu bar. Click on that.
  • Then, you will land on my estub employee portal webpage.
  • You have to enter your username and password in the given field.
  • After entering credentials, click on the login button.
  • Now you are login at your my-esub account.

How to set up myestub employee portal account?

When you receive my-estub login credentials from the company, you have to set-up your account after login on it. You also will be required to change your default password given by the company. After that, set-up your my-estub dashboard. You can select the features which you want to see on your my-estub dashboard overview.

  • Once your account is set and logged in, you can view your payroll information dating as far back as two years; that also includes your W-2s.
  • What’s more, you can view your: year-to-date allocations, deductions, accruals, and personal information.
  • Plus, there’s a filter if you want information for only a specific period.

Security of your information is a top priority for Paperless Pay; therefore, apart from having an intricate password and username combinations for your account. PPC also conducts security updates every quarter and undergoes an SSAE 19 Type II Audit once every year.

Accessing your W-2 forms is one of the most critical features in My-estub. This is important, especially given the fact that this is the 2017 Tax Season. You can download your W2 form from Visit the website, log in, and select “Option 1” under Choose your W2 Delivery Options.

Where can I access my pay stubs on my-estub employee portal?

If your company uses the my-estub portal by paperless pay corporation, you can access your paystubs on the my-estub website online. Following are the steps to view paystubs:

  • First, log in to the my-etub website.
  • There will be a section for the pay stubs. Click on that.
  • Now, you can view your paystubs. And you can also check your previous pay stubs.
  • There is an option to apply filters. You can also check your last six months’ pay stubs summery.
  • You can print and save it also. And request to send it on your registered email id.

FAQs – People Also Ask

Where can I access my W2 or 1095?

You can access your W2 or 1095 from your myestub account. It is located under the tax forms. Didn’t able to find the tax form button? Then, go to the user set-up section and check that you are consented to receive your W2s online or not. If not, then you have to enable it to view W2 or 1095.

How long will the stubs be available online for employees on my estub portal?

Employee paystubs remain available on the myestub website for the time until your company is in the contract with PaperlessPay Corporation. The company can remove paystub at any time if it wants. There is an option to delete files in the admin account. It can delete files from the Process Direct Deposit section of the myestub site. It will remove all the selected paystubs from all the employee accounts included in that file.

There is incorrect information showing on my paystub. How do I get it corrected?

If there is any mistake in your paystub, you should contact your payroll manager because my estub shows all your pay stub information precisely as it is sent to them by your company payroll department.  


My-Estub is the best platform for both employees and the company. Now, companies don’t need to send all the employee’s paystubs information and other announcements manually. My-estub reduces the workload of the employer. And Employees also can get data up to date and immediately.